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God knows what’s in my boyfriend’s mind when i’m driving. Most of the time, he is the one who drives because according to him, me driving is worse than Jakarta’s traffic. Only when he is extremely tired, sleepy or sick (not that me driving would make him better), then he would let me drive. With him sitting next to me on the passenger’s seat, i am always extra cautious and try my best to drive smoothly. every gear-shift should be very smooth, every bump should not be felt and every curse words should stayed zipped inside my mouth. He’s still disgruntled sometimes but I really did try my best.

There’s about 1% chance that we would encounter each other on the road, I mean unless he follows me he wouldn’t really see the way i drive whenever i drive alone. but, lucky me (or not). yesterday when i was on the way to his place, he was also on the way back from his place and he did follow me. i didn’t realize it until i arrived there. When I entered his house, his eyes met mine and he asked, “Do you always drive in a rush?”

I wanted to answer, “Yes, because I only have one car.” but I guess pun wouldn’t work that time. I used the damsel-in-distress manoeuvre then, “Because I needed to see you badly.” with extra wet kisses and bear hug.

and he shoved me away saying, “I think because you know that I will not know how do you drive whenever you are alone. Believe me, I know.”

uhm..all those arguments ended with wrestling and pillow fight though :)

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