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my one final project before ending the year 2009, is to get used to see things from the bright side. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of December, and naively found out that Life’s been treating me great. Even when my car’s battery decided to draw its last breath, I was in a place where I could wait comfortably.

but like most lessons, you are bound to be tested to see how far you’ve come. drawing nearer to the end of the year, I found myself being tested by constant pop-quizzes and I almost lost myself last night when I quarreled with a mall security where I was supposed to pick the left-over donuts from the shop.

decided to stop the wasting my time with the security and proceeded to the shop, and guess what? the donuts were sold out on my way there. if i hadn’t had a fuss with the security, i would have reached the shop in time and brought the left-overs home. 5 minutes late and ka-ching!

I’m trying not spread out this positivity virus because being (overly) positive sometime annoys people (trust me, i know), so thank geeks for micro-blogging technology :D. 140 characters can’t make you look too eager :p

recent update:

  • i get new scratch every day because of olive, my dog.  her method of waking me up in the morning has a 100% success rate.
  • completely closed down the old blogspot and moved to WordPress.
  • planning what wedding?
  • conscientiously bookmarking microwave cake, pancake and soup recipe for future reference.
  • been religiously browsing
  • trying to lose 8 kilograms before Chinese New Year
  • applying for Australian Visa
  • making peace with torrent, hence… back to tv series marathon
  • gonna try to make pancake or this, cause tomorrow had been declared a holiday.

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