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is the title of my favourite book by Jimmy Liao. The same book, I gave him as a present when I had to leave for Taipei and left us in a long distance relationshit. Man, those were the days when I realized, if we could go through this, we could go through anything. Little did I know, there were more to come. All those text-book dramas of a relationship, we both went through it. Couple of times, we stopped and took some time apart to think about which way to take, what move to make, and we chose the road less traveled by. Love, faith and trust were supplies that we knew we’d never run out of. Those were the days when I started praying again, so hard that if God’s got lines for prayers, they’d all be jammed with mine.

so remember, no matter how bad the weather is, how hard the rain falls, there’s always a chance of sunshine, and if not … kissing in the rain doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

yours truly,



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