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okay. i try my very best not to be jealous with friends that have all the money they need to prepare their dream wedding. i don’t wanna sound ungrateful but really, what I’m going through is nowhere near my dream wedding, I even start having some wedding nightmares and god forbid, some of them were really horrible.

no, i don’t have a perfect concept and meticulous details of how my dream wedding would be. but i want it to be worry free, at least we don’t have to worry about the money. i don’t know whether i’d like it it be grand or simple, indoor or outdoor.. i don’t know yet. i just know that i don’t wanna have to worry about how much money left if we wanna do this or if we wanna have that.

right now we have a very tight budget. i completely understand that. i closed my eyes, pretending that it’s ok not to have a fancy pre wedding pictures ( on second thought, i AM okay with that. Lol), it’s ok not to have the wedding in hotel ballrooms where the ceilings are high, it’s ok to have limited choices of dresses because we picked the most affordable package.

but, i do feel sad when you said that we can’t afford to hire our favorite band as our wedding singer. they are part of us and what we are, and you heard me said so many times that i’d like to have them singing on our wedding day.

looking at all the months of stress we will be going through, don’t you think we deserve a moment of feeling romantic?


ps: i love you nonetheless. i promise that i will stop looking at our friends expensive wedding, honeymoon et cetera et cetera. we will be just fine.



  1. (Big cozy)
    Hayuk2 semangat, jangan jadiin “expensive wedding” temanmu sebagai perbandingan.. sometimes u should look down too…
    Be grateful for what you have…


    ps.I love u XD

    • aaaaang (haha)
      iyah, lg kurang bersemangat butuh enervon c hauahuahuaa..
      love you, nekkkk..
      and i love sour sally nom nom nom hahahahaa….

  2. ST12????

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