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Both of us are kinda frustrated. Wedding is the last thing we want to talk about, but also the most urgent task to finish. Noticed that I wrote wedding instead of marriage? We are excited about getting married, we do. We talk about life after marriage, things to buy to furnish our (not yet figured out) little home, even the preschool I’m gonna put our kids in. Yes, we’ve got names for our future baby boy and girl. We are THAT excited.

Not that excited about the wedding reception though. I spent my hours (and resources) in the office searching for venues with good reviews that might still available on the date we want. I have to make sure it’s within the budget, and these two weekends, we spent them going to those places and haven’t found the one that suits us.

Well, tomorrow is another day. We’re gonna look at some places tomorrow. And the bridal has rung me inquiring about the next installment. Tomorrow will be better. It must be.

Gonna watch Confusius in 15 minutes. Any good?



One Comment

  1. woaaaah… jiayou, stella!
    Yg mbaca di sini ikutan semangat hehe..
    Udah liat film “Ghost of Girlfriends Past”? Seru jg itu persiapan weddingnya.

    Evryth will somehow turn out well… right? ^__^

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