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suhu told me that this blog has become a wedding prep blog. can’t deny that it’s the thing that occupies my mind the most. this week’s deadline is to pay the down payment for the reception venue. the place seems to fulfill all the T&C that I (or my mum) have.
1. can fit 1000 guests. (this always sends shiver through my veins. being around 15 people is enough to make me uncomfortable. can’t imagine 1000)
2. the place is not unheard of. (will tell you later after we pay the down payment. don’t wanna jinx it.)
3. the in house catering also serves vegetarian buffet (although the price is 2x the non-vegetarian one. artificial meat is more expensive than real meat I suppose)
4. the venue is located quite in the center of Jakarta, easy access and parking.
5. few hotels are available nearby for overseas/out of town guests.

well stuff like that basically. gonna meet up with the PIC tomorrow, to see whether can dig some more bonus or not.

the other thing on my mind is that, I’m gonna go to Medan to meet the guy’s parents next month. still figuring out what to bring. i’m quite nervous actually. haha. but knowing him, he will prepare me and guide me through the process, like he did when introducing me to his boss, colleagues, relatives and siblings. if all of that had worked out great, this one should too.

through this wedding prep process I learned that some people whom you call your best friend, your gank, your bitches or whatever, and those who you know the longest, aren’t always the ones who at least comfort you or preventing you from losing your mind. I’m lucky enough to have a few who do, and very lucky indeed to have my plurk family for constant moral support online :D

well, suhu , another wed-prep post. I’m sorry :p

* Here Comes Your Man – The Pixies

ps: @kikokikok told me that she would love to sing this song on my wedding day. i’d be honored to have her there :D The Pixies’ version is great, but this video is just too lovely I just have to share it. enjoy! :D


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