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funny how our mind sort of click
I was just planning to get the guy a handheld console that he has been eyeing for. you know, just sort of a thank you for staying sane during this wed prep insanity. So yesterday I was asking some of my friends, which one to get, PSP 3 or PSP Go, cause I don’t know anything about them. I was just checking the prices on the web and made a plan to go to either Mangga Dua or some malls to do the gadget shopping.

well, I haven’t presented the idea to him, we met last night. Went to Blitz to watch Shutter Island. Went home around 1 and suddenly he said, “let’s go to Bandung in the morning.” I thought he wasn’t serious when he told me to wake him up at 4 a.m. but I did anyway and to my surprise he managed to wake up after only 2 hours of sleep and showed up on my doorstep at 5.30-ish.

he told me, ” this is your day and i’m gonna make you happy.”
if you’d known my boyfriend, saying something like this is totally unlike him. I even laughed when I heard it, but anyway, he decided that we should go to Kawah Putih first because I’ve been wanting to go there. I took us about 3 hours to get to Kawah Putih. I was asleep all the way :p letting the poor guy driving in the state of sleep deprivation

when we arrived there, we headed to the ticket booth and was shocked when the guard told us that we had to pay 290k to get in there. he pointed at a banner that shows the ticket prices. something like one car one passenger xxxk, one car two passengers xxxk and so on and had a bracket below saying, Rp. 150k is for forest conservatory fee. (too bad I forgot to take pictures of it). So the guy pointed at the banner and told the guard that it says, 187k for one car 2 passengers, the guard answered, “Oh that’s for weekday. For weekend and public holiday it’s 290k.” I was like WTF, and we decided to park outside and had some coffee at the warung. while we were eating, we found out from the ibu warung that the management had just put up that new regulations and fees not so long ago. So this Ibu used to have her warung up there near Kawah Putih itself (about 6 KMs from the entrance), but because the place had become so popular and it couldn’t accommodate the visitors cars during long weekends or holiday season, they had to move those warungs to the entrance, and used the area for parking lot. The high ticket price and ‘conservatory’ fee are to prevent people from driving their cars up there. The visitors are encouraged to park their cars at the entrance and take shuttle cars to get up there. Due to these changes, a lot of warungs had gone out of business, I even saw the banner that said, “Bangkrut karena menjadi korban penggusuran.” It was quite sad actually. Only three or four warung were opened this morning and Ibu also told me that they don’t earn as much anymore :(

After finishing our coffee and pop-mie, we walked to the entrance to see whether the shuttle service was available. We were asked to pay 26k each for entrance fee, 6k for parking fee, and 8k each for one way shuttle ticket. We did the math and found out that we had to pay almost 100k, so the guy tried to bargain with another guard. this and that, at the end we ended up paying 150k for us and our car. I still feel like I’m being robbed but what’s the point of not entering the place after we’ve traveled that far.

The place was indeed beautiful, no wonder lotsa couples wanna have their pre wedding pictures taken here. not for us though :p we were quite happy with our timer and tripod :D

conservatory fee 150k my S!

we spent almost 2 hours there and headed back to Bandung City. I got the after lunch driving shift, and managed to drive from Soreang to Kartika Sari. Did some Kartika Sari shopping, tried to find PVJ but lotsa roads were closed, so we had to turn around and around. Finally arrived at PVJ but noticed the impossible entrance queue. Stopped at the rest area and headed back to Jakarta. The guy got the after tea break driving shift and guess what, even though it was raining heavily. we managed to arrived home less than 2 hours, I knew he drove like crazy but again I was asleep all the way home :p

had a great day, it was nice to do something impulsive once in a while. it was even nicer knowing that the guy you love would go an extra mile ‘planning’ an ‘impulsive’ getaway just to make you happy. next is my tun, will he be as happy as I did, let’s hope so. Last but not least, I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did. Nighty Night!


PS: Happy Birthday, Pipu! :)


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