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I’m not gonna spend my time explaining or fixing this problem. if you are really my friend and if you really wanted to help, that’s not the way to answer when somebody asks you for a favor. that’s not even the way to refuse. it’s insensitive and borderline rude.

to be honest, I didn’t want to ask for help, I got it covered actually. I only did it because you guys always say how besties should be involved in wed prep and stuff. and after I did, what did I get? a nonsense “I’d like to help, but…”,and the fact that you went about telling other that i wasn’t supposed to say that “people we’ve known the longest aren’t necessarily our true friends“??? the status wasn’t even meant for you. but really, the moment I found out that you went around and told other that “stella didn’t make it clear when she asked for our help. and now she’s angry because we said we couldn’t help even though we really want to.”  I’m sorry, I questioned right away the status of us being even ‘friends’ let alone ‘best-friends’ ‘besties’ whatever.

I am sure that I was clear enough, too bad BBM deleted the history after one day, otherwise I’m gonna shove my blackberry right through your eyes so you could read clearly what I was asking for.

I don’t know if you ever gonna read it, because I’m not telling that right to your face. I’m just trying to be civil, and I don’t feel that it’s my place to talk to you about this matter, cause seriously I don’t give a damn. My first new year resolution this year is “ga mau repot-repot”  So you can go around and tell people about this, while I find comfort lashing it out on my blog. I’m saving myself a headache, I hope you do too.



on a lighter note, follow this guy!!! totally cool, funny and cute too!!!!!  here’s one of my faves. I haven’t stopped watching his channel LOL!

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  1. tenang, ste. Tarik napas dalam2… Hembuskan… Lega? =p

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