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lost all my data due to windows crash. it happened when i was trying to install ubuntu to my laptop rio. (I know, I was frustrated with the tax forms and decided to amuse myself) in the middle of installation when the setup program asked me in which drive i wanted to install the OS, I realized that I haven’t done any data back up and decided to abort the operation. everything went fine. I even tried running ubuntu the demo version and fell in love with it. after playing with it for a while, I decided to restart the computer and went back to windows mode. everything was fine also, the start-up went well, I went to the toilet and when I got back, there was this blue screen saying that windows has failed to something something. didn’t know what to do except to turn off the power. I turned on the laptop hoping that everything would work out normally but after a couple of times trying, I still couldn’t get into windows.

spontaneously pressed F5 for PC Recovery. and when it finished, everything was gone gone gone. I wish I could have saved my pictures and some work related stuff. I tried recuva, but all to no avail :(

help? anyone?

and to my surprise I was quite calm during the whole process. maybe as I ‘aged’, I’ve come to learn the art of losing :p They say that you’ll never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, but what happened the other night made me realize that maybe you have got too much that losing some of it doesn’t really matter. just remember… BACK UP YOUR FILES!


ps: of course when it comes to body fat, I don’t mind losing all of it.
pps: and I guessed, somewhere in the process of growing up, I’ve lost my mind or parts of it. LOL.
ppps: quick wed-prep update. first down payment for the bridal, done. we are scheduled to have our pre-wedding pictures taken on August. I want to have it taken at Praline, Kemang. Anyone know where else near Kemang that’s good for photo location? TIA.


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