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*gonna be one hell of long girlie wed prep post*

I’ve always told The Guy that I wanted a simple wedding. The all-in, hassle free (also during payment) package. But that was before we paid our down payment for the venue and the bridal. After we paid it off last week, two most important things on the to do list were gone and I felt like I still have so much time to do this and that. And at this point, I realize that I still do want to have the all in hassle free wedding package, but I want to make it more personal. So I’ve religiously started browsing these websites

I actually started browsing this website since the beginning of our wedding planning. It is a great site that provides you the most complete wedding directory. I got the contact numbers of the vendors mostly here. To make it more useful, this website has a forum full of competitive brides to be where the brides discuss all sort of things related to the wedding (and other stuff too, will explain later). One thing I love from this forum is the reviews of vendors done by the (relatively) newly wedded couple. It provides you a guidance of which vendors to choose and some other things to pin-point, like which marketing/sales person that handles the customer better or what bonuses we could ask when we do the negotiation, and so many other things. It scares me seeing all this camaraderie feeling shared among brides is amazing to see how helpful people are. Oh, sometimes you can find the groom too ;)
Anyway, lotsa vendors are lurking at the forum too. So if you need anything, just post it there and put your email address, within hours you’ll get emails offering you all the wedding related services, and they usually attach their quotations, so it’s easy for you to compare the quality and prices. So far this website has been very helpful in terms of finding the vendors, and I made some friends too. :)
Oh, about the other stuff, couple of weeks ago, I search for ‘CUCU BRIDAL’ in the forum, because someone recommended it to me. Guess what I found? A whole thread about ‘mimik CUCU’ and the surrounding areas, if you know what I mean. Gosh, I guess there’s no moderator of the forum.

A great website to find some ideas for your wedding. It has this real wedding section, where you can see the pictures and the themes of a real wedding, not only from articles. Speaking of articles, this website provides all sorts of wedding related articles. Some of it are really useful, like what bridesmaids should do, and even recommended playlist. And if you register (for free), you can get all sort of wedding planning tools, such as check list, budget calculator, guest list generator, count down widget (see down below!) and so many other things. I bet the vendors directory are complete too, but since the website is based in the United States, it seems quite useless for me, except for some, such as florists (for hand bouquet ideas), photographers (for pre wedding pictures ideas), bakery (for wedding cake ideas), well now they don’t seem useless at all. LOL.
I found the color theme for the wedding in this website, which is tiffany blue and dark brown, but it’s not a common color here in Indonesia,and I don’t wanna splurge for decorations. Also the Guy said that it’s better to find some bold color. Anyone here have any idea? except for maroon-gold, they are a good combination but I want it to be a bold earthy color. No, okay.. I WANT TIFFANY BLUE-DARK BROWN color combo :( I’ve saved some decoration pictures to bring to our decoration vendor, hope the color is still quite common. My mum likes the color combo too, but tiffany blue as a mum dress would be too bright, don’t you think? It’s perfect for bridesmaids dresses though, with a dark brown belt accent. I can totally imagine it. However, color pallete is still open for other option.
Oh, you should check out the wedding favors in the real wedding section. They are so beautiful and the personal touch, like silhouette of the couple make them way prettier.

I love that in the western countries, wedding is still considered as a private event. So it means the guest would only be around 50 people. Unlike in the Asian country, wedding is still perceived as a big celebration where both sides of family invites everyone they know! I attended a friend’s wedding back there in Taiwan. The reception was held in the country side and I believed that the family invited the whole district. It was damn crowded. Well, same thing goes for me and The Guy also. My parents specifically asked for a venue that can hold at least 1000 people.
What’s with such a long introduction? Anyway, this website is perfect for those who are going to have a private wedding party. The thing with a private wedding is that you can personalize almost everything. Check out this website for so many great DIY ideas. You can make your own invitation cards, table menu, hand bouquet and even favors. I think I’d have arthritis if I had to make more than 500 favors and invitation cards. I usually save some pictures for decoration ideas here. Hey, it’s DIY! I’m not the most crafty person on earth but this is one thing I love to spend my time with.

Actually I just found out about this website tonight from a friend. It’s like the wedding version of which I browse (quite religiously) also for easy recipes. It’s easier to view this kind of website via google reader (Yes I’m madly in love with google reader), the entries is basically a picture with a caption. You can click on the pictures and it redirects you to the original website. It’s a very convenient website to find wedding ideas if you don’t wanna go through category by category.

and that’s a wrap! or to be continued? I can’t make up my mind.


ps: madly in love with this idea
pps: check out the wedding gowns with pockets trend here Especially in love with the first dress. Totally to die for. Me want!!!


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