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I just read the paper that the Guy’s Dad gave us. It’s the exact date and time of each wedding procession. I just remembered that on certain dates, people with certain Shio (Chinese Astrology)are not allowed to be there. Have to check later whether it’s limited only to family members, relatives and friends or down to photographer, videographer etc. We’re gonna see The Guy’s aunt on Sunday, to talk about the proper marriage proposal.

Anyway, all my wedding check lists tell me that I am way behind schedule. To make it worse, I browsed Weddingku forum and found out that by this time, most brides have almost complete their lists. They have found all the vendors and are just waiting for their pre wedding photo session.

My progress? Okay..
Solemnization Venue: Vihara Satya Dharma, Pluit
Wedding Reception Venue: Hotel Mercure Rekso, Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta.
Bridal: Eva Bun, Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta.
Groom props: Wong Hang Tailor, Kelapa Gading.

That’s all. You wanna know what else? Nope? Just close this window :p I’m gonna list them down here, anyway.
1. Documentation of solemnization day.
Since our solemnization day is not the same day as the wedding reception, it means we have to find another documentation vendor. It’s an unexpected expense because at first we wanted to have everything on the same day. I’ve checked couple of vendors but haven’t set the budget we want to spend on this. We got our wedding day documentation from Eva Bun’s package.

2. Make up for solemnization day.

Another extra money to spend. My mum told me to just go to the nearest salon and wear one of her dresses. Will check nearby salon/bridal for make up service that is within budget. I honestly don’t wanna splurge so much on this. 500k for a decent make up and hair do if possible :p and will check mum’s party dress collection. Actually I wanna wear cheong sam on this day, should I make one? (Mum and The Guy are screaming, “No need lar..”)

okay, what am I writing here? I HAVEN’T EVEN PICKED MY WEDDING DRESS.

*hyperventilating, will type everything in keyword*
bridesmaid dress, mums dresses, dads attire, brothers and sisters outfit, prewedding pictures, hand bouquet, cake, souvenirs, invitations, decorations, MC and entertainment. what else what else?


*gasp in horror, quickly press publish and hide under the bedcover*




  1. mana sih ste?

    kok gw ga liat link hidup dengan wc tandas ??

    • engga. kalo di firefox tabnya kan menyingkat. jd url addressnya jadi hidup dengan tandas (lol)

  2. You’ll look good in cheongsam coz you’re tall and skinny.heh, emang mahal dan repot ya bikinnya stee?

    • must lost 8kgs first. gue ga pernah bikin2 baju pret, jd ga tau beli bahan di mana, tukang jahit dimana :(

  3. nonnnn….so happy heard about your wedding preparation^^…really miss you non..hopes everything will be perfect on your big day^^


    • ahhh eva, baru liat. miss you too non. senangnya kita sudah kontak2 lagi :D

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