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Those Cheesy Goodness

Had martabak night the other day at Sushi Tei (?) with some good friends. This martabak is so good it even wen’t well with my sashimi salad and wasabi. Yes it was another (con)fusion dinner for me. The martabak is from Martabak Sinar Bulan, Muara Karang. I bought 1/2 pan Mixed Cheese (wisman mixed with blue band) and 1/2 pan of peanut chocolate. It was IDR 65K. I didn’t get to taste the peanut chocolate one that night, but this is the martabak that my father buys since we were kids and it tastes heavenly. The guys who brought it home seemed to enjoy them.

The next time I’ll be eating martabak again is after I lost 10kgs I guess. LOL.

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