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I put off writing so many posts and here I am stranded, thinking about what to write :( apart from the wedding prep madness which I don’t wanna talk about right now, I guess nothing much is going on in my life. The guy is leaving for China tomorrow morning, gonna see him in 8 days. I’m gonna spend my weekend, meeting up some friends, and eating out. LOL. Well, he knows, before we said goodbye earlier tonight, he told me that I’m a free woman haha.

So, wanna hang out?

PS: Oh, I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. :(

OOOOHHHH! I’ve got a good news. My picture is being featured in the latest edition of Schmap Sydney City Guide!

thanks to my friend teeth for the print screen and all. check out her blog. she makes gorgeous and adorable quilted pillow cases. I got two of them and ordering one for my mom :D


One Comment

  1. thank you, ste *i’m humble*
    i really enjoy your fabulous photos :-))
    keep taking picture yaaa…

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