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the full moon makes people do crazy things (familiar with the term `lunatic`? if not, please wiki it) no, I’m not at the phase where I run naked on the streets. But I’m just feeling weird. It’s like I have this big bowl of mood inside me, and extra giant mixer to mix them. It’s like being extremely happy with a pinch of sadness and excitement in unimaginable stress.

the full moon makes people do crazy thing, I don’t know what crazy things I will do but I hope it won’t hurt anybody. Better watch out. Bit by bit :)


ps: check out! it’s a super cool project by my friend marisa and her friend(s). as I quote from the blog

‘Here and Now’ is a photo essay produced as an online photo book. In presenting facets of a long-drawn journey through a group of culturally diverse individuals, the photo book explores how comfort and the perception of normality is not always found in the biggest of things – but in the everyday humdrum that you least expect.

interesting, right? I wish you all the best, mawi :-*

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