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The way I want to love you
Well it could be against the law
I’ve seen you in a thousand minds
You’ve made the angels fall

– Nouvelle Vague

I  have so many things to tell you, but I’m afraid it will bother you. So I’ll just write this down and tell you when you ask.

I just learnt the hard way that no one should be trusted, especially those whom you know the longest. How? This one I’m afraid I can only tell you when you ask.

I just learnt the fun way that people you met on the internet turns out to be fun and interesting people, well they are only dangerous when you are underaged and impressionable as one of my friend said. I learned it when I had such a great night at karaoke with some of my plurk family :) Looking forward to see them again on Sunday.

I just learnt the sad way that having mum around at home isn’t fun at all especially when she’s sick. You know this, I told you. I feel better when she’s not home and busy with her so many businesses, even though she always comes home tired, you can see that she enjoys being busy.

I learnt the back-ache way of taking the full moon picture. How?  The moon was blocked by my neighbor’s roof so I had to stretch and bend a little to get her picture. The pictures didn’t turn out so great though :(

I just learnt the happy way that the postcards I sent out earlier to some friends took a week to get to them if I use IDR 1500 stamp, I got lots of thank-yous today you know :) I guess I’ll send you a postcard also.

Well, I learnt a couple of things in a couple of ways in these couple of days. I’ll tell you when you ask :)





  1. steeeeeeeeeeee… this is a beautiful post…. I couldnt stop smiling reading it :) It’s so simple and.. feels sincere…

    • Thanks wowow (blush) *guling2 kesenangan dipuji oleh penulis hebat*

  2. nice suprise! thank you stee… *hug from rafli & me*

    • Sungguh senang perasaan bahagia waktu menulis itu bisa tersampaikan ke kalian *peluk peluk*

  3. what a delightful post ste :) indeed, happiness only real when shared

    • Thank you, gotti :) I’m glad I have the chance to share it with you (cozy)

  4. monggo, datang bertamu. nice blog ste ^^

    • halo wing. terima kasih ya sudah datang (Cozy)

  5. i always think giving is a very egoistic gesture because the person feeling good about it first is you. and it’s even more multiplied when the gesture received with such warm feeling.
    buat what the heck. it felt good and makes other people feel good so let’s keep on doing it :p

    • :D :D i’m so glad that you’re happy. it means that it’s in good hands now :-*

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