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day 2

when I try to think about what is the most interesting things happening in my life except plurk, I guess it would be my dreams. I usually had two or three sets of dreams every night and most of the time, I wake up feeling exhausted. Even though I love my dreams I wish there’s an option where I can have those dreams and waking up feeling superb in the morning.

Last night I had few sets of dreams

the first one was the ‘normal’ kind, I met a stranger in a busway station. He’s supposed to work in the company I’m working in, I was just picking it up. He was great. We got along well and he showed his interest in me, it’s kinda feel nice since it has been so long since someone is interested in me. Well, I was tempted but I just couldn’t do it. Imagining that I’d cheat on my boyfriend was so horrible. I wish it was a lucid dream where I could tell myself to just do it because it was only a dream. LOL. Well… :p

the second dream was really a cool dream. I dreamed that I flew all the way to Perth to see marisa’s viewfinder 6000 project and after that she and her friends took me to an old building. The building’s walls were full of colorful graffiti, and it had lots of rooms without door. It was a building were people do ‘creative’ stuff. Some were doing rehearsal for their play, some were painting and there was even a couple who were having their engagement pictures taken.

So, mawi and her friends decided to play a little game. We were playing some kind of tag game with our camera phones. The goal was to collect your friends’ pictures as many as possible. One picture for one friend. The winner was the one who got most friends’ pictures taken. We had 30 minutes to do that. It was really fun, and after that we viewed the pictures on *drumroll please* Mawi’s brand new IPad!!! We didn’t know who was the winner, we were too busy having fun commenting on each picture.

I woke up when we were on the tram heading back to City. It was raining cats and dogs and before the tram moved, an old beggar came up to me, I gave him 10,000 IDR note and he took out so many golden and diamond rings out of his pocket and gave it all to me. I tried to give him back, but he said something in language I didn’t understand, the tram moved and it was the end of the dream.

weird? not?


ps: okay, I’ll post about the 31 Hari Ngeblog project, tomorrow. okayyyy? :p


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