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okay, I haven’t figured out how to put this on the sidebar, and it’s ten minutes to 2 a.m. I’m like 2 hours late for my first day of blogging. Oh, and for more info about this project, you can google it. Or, I’ll try my best to tell you about it tomorrow :)

I don’t wanna start the bridezilla theme post this soon but something happened earlier. My grandma had phone my father to tell him that my father’s siblings would like to attend my wedding party. Yes it seemed normal, until my mum told me that the way grandma said it is like, she wanted us to pay for the plane tickets. I was furious when I read the words my mum typed on YM. I told her that we (the guy and I) would only pay for my grandparents’ tickets, and I refused to pay for my aunts’ tickets because it won’t be fair to my uncles/aunts from my mother side of the family because they have booked their tickets without asking us to sponsor them. After a long discussion, my mother told me that she would pay for their tickets. I didn’t like the idea so much because it doesn’t make sense.

Honestly, I’ve seen this coming. I’ve never liked my father side of the family that much. Every time they phone/text, it was never good news. You know they even TOLD us to have another wedding party in Medan without even asking us whether we want it or not. They were busy discussing it in front of the guy and I without even asked our opinions at all. My mum’s brother was there and he even said, “don’t you think you have to ask the ones who are getting married?” and yes, they ignored him right in front of his face. Crap, I don’t think I can deal with this right now.

signing out,


ps: i don’t say this because you don’t like it, but i miss you. :(



  1. gotta admit, lost burden and troubles come from inner circle, that is family, and wedprep is one of the good time for that. hang in there girl (cozy)

    • terima kasih nitaaaaa.
      for now i’ll just ignore em (LOL)

  2. things you shouldnt pay for when you have a wedding party with your own money is : any tickets, hotels, and kebaya atau gaun seragam. :)

    • i’m relieved, sha. some friends kinda mentioned the gaun seragam thing, when i asked for their help. i decided not to ask for their help. well, if they wanna help in the first place, it wouldn’t be the first thing they asked right? thanks :-*

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