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You know he cares about you when he remembers things that might seem insignificant. Things that you said long time ago in a casual chit-chat. Things that you don’t expect him or even anyone to remember.

Things like, “I don’t like having someone walking or standing on my left side.” “I like to sleep on the right side of the bed.“, “I don’t eat fish skin.“, “My parents were always away when I was a kid. They have always brought me the roti pesawat (dinner roll) ever since.” You know, things like that. Things you blurbed out and seemed really silly. Things that are so unimportant for other people and they won’t bother to remember.

I picked him up at the airport yesterday. After we kissed, he reached in his pocket, took something out and said, “this is for you.”

roti pesawat.
He remembers :)

Roti Pesawat :)

ps: day 4 and I haven’t told you about the 31 hari ngeblog thingy. oh, well.



  1. Oooowwww :”)

  2. awwwww……… can we share? the guy, not the roti

    • lol. tapi dia ga sering begini, sha. bener2 when you’re least expecting it. jadi rasanya jegerrrr hahaha.

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