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the Guy reminded me that it’s only couple of months away from our prewedding picture and I’m still fat :( that is one reason I haven’t visited the bridal. I don’t even feel like meeting my friends lately because the usual comment they would make is, “hey, you’ve gained weight.” I hate that. I need to pick my dress in the end of this month. I guess I’ll start eating and exercising right on Monday. I know this body image problem would end after puberty, why am I still having this? I hate feeling guilty after eating something, but I hate forcing myself to vomit after every meal. Seriously it is so teenager and I would be ashamed to pull the same act as millions of teenagers out there.

So, eating right and exercise right. 7 KG, seven is such a big number :(
feel like checking out, because it’s near and my plurkers family who had tried this are crazy about this exercise. Hmm.. the Guy’s comment was, “you’ll get bored soon.” :(

I’ll just give a call and ask whether they have free trial or not.

6th Day and It’s Saturday. Doing anything fun? Enjoy your weekend!



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