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Day 2 without laptop. Plus I have eye irritation, so it’s now red and swollen and I’m constantly teary with a bonus of runny nose. Been sleepless these couple of days thinking about how much money we actually need to start our own family and it drives me nuts. I really try not to think about it because you know, people say that we’ll get by but the urge of taking out empty sheet and start counting and recounting the budget gets worse after I turn of my light and lay in darkness.

At times, I’m so tempted with the money my parents offer, but nuh-uh.

I think I’ve never realized until yesterday that renting a house around here is expensive. It really is. No wonder people keep telling us to buy a house. No can do, how in the hell we have enough money to pay a wedding and a down payment for a house in this area. The Guy shivers at the idea of living in an apartment.

First things first I guess, trying out wedding dresses in the ‘urgent’ to do list and umm.. Find a color theme. My bridal organizer thing told me that I’m 6 months overdue. First things first.



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