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I guess sometime, you just don’t have any interesting to write about. Sometimes you’re tired of finding an interesting aspect of your life to write about because writing down your daily life is pretty boring and no one would bother to read it. Just like this journal,full of routines and things that can happen to anyone anywhere. Nothing special, just an order in randomness, and if you see the bigger picture you might find some pattern too. Nothing new nothing interesting, just line of words and rants that desperately wanna look emotional and poetic, or maybe pathetic. Nothing interesting nothing new, because new things are scary, it is scary when it suddenly caught you in the corner, yet it is scarier when it slowly embraces you, when you have some pictures, some sort of premonition and some expectation. Expectation is the scariest of them all.




  1. You think your posts about your daily life are boring and no one would bother to read them. And here I am, constantly checking your blog, reading your posts and thinking that they are interesting.

    Darn, I think I might be a stalker.

    • thank you, lita. you’re too kind *hugs*

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