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day 10 of constant blogging. wow! it feels just like the old days when my blogging frequency is as many as suhu’s showering frequency. well, I just came back from watching Iron Man 2 with the Guy. It was good, well actually for me it was REALLY good. I went to the movie with a very low expectation because many people had said that it was boring and you know the typical sequel movie comment, “it wasn’t as good as the first one” Well, turned out that it was good, maybe if I had come with so much expectation it wouldn’t feel as good, oops, I’m babbling well, my point is that it was good for me. although the Guy said, he liked the first one better, but thanks to my fish memory I don’t remember the first one at all :p

So we stopped by Kwetiao Akang after the movie, one of (my self-proclaimed) ‘us’ food. I don’t think I’ve ever written about how the Guy and I met but, when I first knew him, I was still working/studying in Taiwan. so when I went back to Jakarta a couple of months later for holiday, I finally met him but for like a couple of minutes only. We started to spend time together when I came back for Chinese New Year the next year. You know, even though Taiwanese people are Chinese, they don’t have Char Kweay Teao there. So everytime I came back for holiday, kwetiao Akang was one of my have-to-eat list. And since we were spending almost every day together about 7 days before I went back to Taiwan, I always picked Kwetiao Akang as our dining place and for those 7 days, we ate kwetiao every f day. LOL. Later he confessed that he almost couldn’t take it HAHA. After we started dating, he always avoided kweatiao akang, but in our second year of dating, we were back as the loyal patrons of kwetiao akang.

I’ll tell you the other ‘us’ food next time. Since tomorrow is holiday in Jakarta, I hope you’ll enjoy your day.

signing off,


  1. showering frequency!!!!

    those younger years. I was so clean. HAHAHAHA

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT! :))

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