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the internet drives me crazy. It took me approximately 30 seconds to post a plurk response. It took me another 5 minutes to load this page. Well, quite enjoyed the holiday, went to karaoke and watched Ip Man 2. I am so tired hearing people pronounce it ai pee men. I don’t wanna be a smartypants and correct everyone every time I heard it pronounced wrongly. I even tweeted the correct pronunciation to one of the local radio, because their announcer pronounced it wrong, but I didn’t hear anything back from them. And I’ve been wondering why they didn’t use ‘Yip Man’ as the title. Because ‘Yip’ is a common english spelling for this cantonese surname. Well, I guess I’ll be hearing a lot about ‘I pee men’.




  1. I loved the first Ip Man. Was the second any better?

    • It is! I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s gonna be Ip Man 3. :)

  2. hmmm who do you pee??? i pee man!

  3. lha.. gua malah baru tau sekarang ada ip man.. hehe..

    btw ste.. spell I cup..

    • Haha..
      Maksudnya apa, wow? I cup? (Woot)

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