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BIHUN BEBEK 75, Pluit!

How so? Well, it goes back to our second meeting. Yup, if you have read it, you probably know that we met each other on a friend’s messenger when I was still working in Taipei and we only communicated via sms. So when I went back to Jakarta again on CNY break, we decided to have pizza with some friends. He picked me up with his motorcycle that night. First time :D

Well, long story short, it was raining cats and dogs by the time we finished dinner. We waited until the pizza place closed but the rain didn’t stop. So he lent me his jacket and took me home. As expected, I got fever the very next day. The fever lasted for a couple of days, also the flood throughout Jakarta, so we had no chance to see each other. On that weekend, when he was out for dinner, we were texting each other and he asked if I wanted to eat something. I really had no appetite so I asked him to bring anything he thought I would eat.

And he bought me Bihun Bebek 75. The first food he ever delivered to me. And I finished it right away of course :D

If you need to know, the second food was of course kweatio akang :) late night snack ;)

I wrote this post because I’m not feeling well today and that was the food he bought for me earlier tonight. Brought back all the memories :D



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