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1. loving ‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 5.
2. enjoying the latest Glee episodes, more solo, more love.
3. just starting Gossip Girl Season 3, heart Serena as ever, love her legs. The Humphrey as upper-east sider, not so much, especially Lil J.
4. The Big Bang Theory? “You’re just coitusing with me, aren’t you?” – Penny. Enough said. I swear by this sitcom.
5. Two and a half men. Still on the second season. Charlie’s jingles. Genious.
6. Desperate Housewives. Lost track.
7. Ugly Betty. Lost track.
8. Heroes. Lost track.
9. One Tree Hill. Lost track.
10. Weeds. Haven’t started season 5.
11. House. Still in season 5. I can’t find the rest of the dvds in my room.

what else?




  1. Chuck? Recommended.

  2. seconded!

  3. heading to read reviews. thanks!

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