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I was home quite early but I spent about an hour talking with mum and dad, something that I haven’t been doing for like years! Well, it felt good even though it started with, “we need to talk.” I thought it was gonna be the big sex edu talk! LOL. Well, my parents are going overseas next week, and it’s gonna be a long trip this time. Olive and I will miss them so much.

After talking, you know what I did? I cleaned my room! HAHAHAHA. Seriously if you know me, my room is like the Brooklyn of the house. Well, it’s no upper-east side of New York now but at least it looks like a girl’s bedroom. Before I told you why I did this, I proudly announce that I cleaned the room in only 10 minutes! The creator of cardboard boxes is a genius!!!! In 10 minutes, I’ve finished putting things into those boxes, shove them under the table and voila. I am so proud of myself. (Meh, such an underachiever, I could have brought those boxes down to the other room.)

Anyway, why did I do this? Well, the guy’s parents are in town. I paid them a visit earlier and his stepmom complained how messy the guy’s sister’s room is!!!! I was just nodding and smiling until his father said, “stop making her uncomfortable, her room might be like that too!!!!” I know, it’s not like they gonna see my room or what but at least I can say “No, of course not.” next time, instead of laughing nervously.

wish us luck,


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