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one fine day

Today, my Mum got invited for a mother-daughter day out by a local bank. But because Mum was away, my aunt went with me. We were pampered the whole day. I’m very sleepy now so I’m just gonna write a short recap of things we’ve done today.

First we headed to Bimasena Spa, Dharmawangsa Hotel. The treatment we got were an hour of Indonesian Traditional Massage and hand foot spa. I really enjoyed the massage, 60 minutes was too short! But I don’t really see the point of hand foot spa haha. Well I forgot to ask the products they were using but they all smelled so good.

After that, we proceeded to Pacific Place to have lunch at Gyukaku. I really wanted to try their wagyu but it has been quite a while since I’ve had any beef, I was afraid that I wouldn’t digest it properly. LOL. So I ordered Foil Grilled Salmon, but sadly it was overcooked :( The kimchi and salad was poorly done, this made me sad too because I was looking for this. The wakame soup was nothing but too salty. The best thing about the meal was the milk pudding. Yum!

The last thing on the agenda was watching movie. As I expected it was ‘Prince of Persia’ that opens today at Blitz Megaplex. What I didn’t expect was that we got to watched it in the Velvet Class!!! My first time ever!! Velvet Class is the theater consists of BEDS! Yup, we got to watch movie and eat on the bed! The movie was typical and just like what I hoped it would be. Entertaining enough. Well, I didn’t know that we could order any food for free. So I only ordered nachos and mineral water. Guess what? The nachos contained beef and I spent about 20 mins of the movie in the toilet because my stomach was acting weird. And I also found out that if you order ‘mineral water’ in the velvet class, they gave you Equil instead of Aqua. So much for saving, I almost cried when the water came, but luckily it was on the house.

Well had one great day. Hope the bank will do more things like this.




  1. waaa…serunyaa..!! ya walopun gngak semua seperti yg diharapkan, tp nyoba2in tempat2 itu asik dong..? huhuy..!!

    • asikkk :)
      dr awal kan ini udah memang berkah, jadi dibawa enjoy aja. ini cuma ngereview :p kalo pergi sendiri ke dharmawangsa mana rela :)) , tg paling murah aja treatmentnya 350rb (lonely) padahal pengen nyobain treatment coklat (about 1,5jt)

      tapi pengen banget kopiplurk seharian gini (haha)

  2. hohoho…kopiplurk yg mewwaaahh… (muhaha)

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