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Dear little R,
Somehow I understand that you were probably tired. Three years of your existence in this world should have been filled with more happy outdoor family activities instead of looking at your parents’ tired faces surrounded by white hospital walls. Your taste buds should have been touched by various sweets and treats deserved by good little girls, instead of colorful pills from the doctor. Your soft skin shouldn’t be pricked with so many needles.

I know I could sit here and type all about things that should and shouldn’t have happened. But even you were so tiny, you were a bigger person than I do. You knew it was the time, the time to end your parents’ misery, and you knew that because you loved them so much.

I’m writing not to find any reasons to justify anything. But I believe that you are that great :)

I’m sorry we’ve never had a chance to know each other. I’m happy that you’re in a much better place right now. Rest in peace, dearest.



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