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people who overshare annoy me. yes I know you must be rolling your eyes right now. I’ve been blogging for like what? 6 years by now? and here I am telling you that I hate people who overshare. Oxymoron much?

No, I don’t enjoy you tagging me in the picture of your baby’s sonogram. Gee, we’re not even that close.

freaked out,

ps: since we’re talking about sharing, I’m gonna share you a picture of my extra dry feet.
pps: retouched the tone/colour with Adobe Lightroom. This thing is a bitch. Totally converted.

extra dry feet. send me some lotion please.



  1. +1 . to the overshare, not the extra dry feet.

    btw..kalo sharing di blog sih beda, blog kan halaman kita sendiri. kalo tagging, kan org yg maksa kita ke ‘halaman’nya. over tagging makes nagging.

    • iya betul sekali. bener2 uncomfortable ya. apalagi kalo belum sempet remove tag. notification ga berhenti nongol. tsk. (LOL)

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