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the RPM trainer was a bitch. most trainers notify you if you’re not allowed to use mobile phone in the beginning of the class. Since I’ve been expecting an important email all day from my boss’ business partner,I brought my blackberry to RPM class and I chose the last row bike so I can check my email without disturbing the lesson.

when the class was about to start I put down my blackberry and stopped plurking/tweeting/checking-in to 4sq etc. But towards track 7, the last track before cooling down. My blackberry was vibrating and I grabbed it to check whether it was the email I’ve been waiting for. You know what? the trainer was yelling at me over the loud music, causing everyone to look at me. She said no mobile phone, and making disgusting gesture like shooting me, blow the gun and fold her hands in front of her chest. I rolled my eyes, then back to checking my emails. When the track was finished I immediately went out, pretending I was busy with my blackberry which was way more important then her class. Yeap I was pretending, no more new emails after that.

I miss the usual trainers. They are funny and polite and they don’t teach in medanese-english (yeap, this bitch pronounced ‘amazing’ as ‘amajing’) It’s okay to teach in English if you can do it right, but if you can’t, why do you have to begin the class with, “let’s we begin”?

lao niang,



  1. salam kenal ikutan 31 hari ngeblog

    • halo :) salam kenal ya :D

  2. bring the book AT home!

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