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when you think you’ve checked most of the important things on your check list and had made sure that you’ve consulted everyone that matters before making those tiny ticks.

there’s always gonna be something else. maybe not right away. but eventually there’s gonna be something else.

something like, your parents suddenly need to invite 2000 guests (with their +1s).

or probably something smaller or something bigger than that. and guess what. up to yesterday I was still so proud that the Guy and I will pay for our wedding with our money, but when I saw my mum’s face because I told her that we would stick to 500 guests (with their +1s) just like what they asked all I’ve been having in mind is that my parents won’t be proud of us, they would be ashamed that their daughter wouldn’t have a grand wedding because she (and her husband to be) were too proud to let her parents’ pay for the wedding.

although I do have many logical explanations towards this case, (and also great friends on plurk).. yesterday? I just wept.


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