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World cup is here. unlike four years ago, this time I’m not really enthusiastic about it. Four years ago, despite of the fact that we were having our final exams and projects, my college roomates and I were pretty crazy about that.

Since we had no tv, we would watch the match online. Sometimes we watch it together in one computer, sometimes we watch it in our own computer, sometimes we even headed downtown to McD to watch it there. Mind you, it took us 45 minutes on motorcycle to get there! Well, it was fun while it lasted.

For these past few days, the only match I watched was the Japan match two days ago. I guess I have too much things on my mind to be bothered with World Cup or vuvuzela this time around. I’ll think I’ll just watch the final.

Too bad I’m one of those people who’ll eat a lot when they’re stress out. This way. losing 5kgs before August seems impossible. Well, the other technique is to explore angles that would make me look thinner. Like this one for example. #grin

remember this angle


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