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it all started with something I tweeted earlier today.
I’ll tell you why did I wrote those lines in the next post, meanwhile I’m gonna post some tweets from @jonathanend, my evil twin, one of the greatest people I met online. Well, Ted Mosby hasn’t got to the part where he tells his kids how he met their mother, although he’d told us and them, how he met Stella. No I don’t know who the mother is, so does @jonathanend. However, in these tweets, you will read how jonathanend met ste. And those tweets made me teary :’-) (and thankful at the same time cause he didn’t overshare, HA!)

Amazing how he made the first and second place on ‘sweetest things anyone had ever done for me’ list. How could he not rule the world in 2049?

sorry for the bad cropping, I did those in Ms Paint. :(



  1. (applause) so sweet

    • @wowow (cozy)akhirnya ada updetan haha

  2. I knew it!!!!

    tahun 2049… nanggung.. kenapa ga 2050?

    • knew what @munya? :D

      mungkin angka cantik 2049 =))

  3. So sweet. :)

  4. The OASIS part is the sweetest…ooowww… :”)

  5. awww…. this is UBER sweet! :)

  6. aw aw awwwww… (cozy)

  7. @pipu @mamak @titsy @monke aaaang (Cozy)
    the oasis part never failed to make me smile :)

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