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One of our household assistants has been having fever from Monday and she just told us this morning. So my mum asked me to take her to get her blood checked and to visit the doctor after that. Didn’t expect today would be such a hectic day. Because of this I couldn’t finished some work I’ve planned to do in the office today. One of the staff in resigning soon that’s why she’s handing over her job to me. When the boss a.k.a my mum asked me whether I need to hire someone else to do the job, why did I decline her offer?

Anyway, we got the blood test result, turned out that her trombosite and leukosite were below normal. She’s showing the symptoms of dengue fever. I took her to the doctor and the doctor told me to have her blood checked again tomorrow.

During the afternoon, I felt a little pang of jealousy. Haha, my household assistant was quite lucky because she had me driving her to the lab, to the doctor, I even bought her lunch, juices, pocari sweat, vitamins those sort of thing. I checked on her and reminded her to take her meds. You know when I get sick, if I can’t wait for the Guy to drive me to the doctor after work, I usually drive to the doctor by myself, even when I thought I’ve vomitted my guts out, the household assistant wouldn’t even bother to fetch me a glass of water even though she heard me. Food? Most of the time I don’t feel like eating and I just wait until the Guy comes over.

To put three paragraphs into three words: “pamper me, please”


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