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Okay, I almost gave up blogging because of spidiot. Another 10 minutes just to log in plus 10 minutes to open this page, not funny, spidiot! Btw, spidiot is a nickname I give for my internet provider because apparently it’s nowhere as speedy as its name bears. Ah, you get the point.

These two days, life gave me another lesson why I should cherish it more. If you’ve been tweeting and happen to read the tweets with #BabyAslan hash tag, you know what I’m talking about here. I spent approximately one hour crying in the office yesterday and another one hour today. It was just too heartbreaking. I don’t know his parents personally, but they are friends of my fellow plurkers and tweeps, so naturally the timeline of both social networking sites were filled with #BabyAslan updates.

#BabyAslan needed a type O donor with the lowest level of titer. So we had been spreading the news yesterday. He got a donor and his condition was stabilized. However, earlier today fell into comma. As the doctors tried to help him, we said our prayers and sending tweets/plurks to wish him all the best. I burst into tears when I read the updates around 4 p.m. that #BabyAslan had left this world. Ten days on earth and he’s back there in heaven.

I really can’t imagine how heartbroken his family is right now. As quoted from Lord of The Rings, “No parent should ever have to bury their child.” But I hope they will be strong and God will give them another chances and another gifts. Achill and family, I may not know you but my prayers will always be with you, guys. Tabah ya. :)

Off to bed now, I will be attending a friend’s wedding ceremony. My first time ever attending a catholic wedding.


ps: rooted for NED. They won.


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  1. I hope Achill & family are blessed with patience, hope, and acceptance. Amin.

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