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it’s only natural that I’m very stressed out nowadays, I silently curse myself everyday for not getting a wedding organizer at the first place. well, how would I know that during this preparation my boss would set up a new company where he pointed me as a staff, plus I’m taking over a position in the company I’m currently working at. Well, not exactly taking over, taking over can mean I was A then I become B, but in my position now, I am A + B + 1/2 C. I lost focus, I misplaced things, neglected some emails, and still had a pile of things I’m supposed to finish by now if I am only A.

I spent half of the day, calling more than 30 venues/hotels to find one that can accommodate my parents’ guest, only 3 places left, and two of them cost more than IDR 550 million. Even though my parent would splurge on this, I won’t let them. I think we’re sticking with the venue we’ve already booked. I will sacrifice the amount of guest I’m inviting and let my parent use my share.

On a lighter now, we’ve found a house to rent. A ‘little’ over budget but it’s a nice little place not so far from my parent’s house, about 20 minutes ride. Haven’t signed anything though. The place also needs some minor renovation and we also have to repaint the whole house. Another thing to put in the check list.

I haven’t picked my dress.
I’m still fat.
and The Guy just told me that this whole thing starts to freak him out.

Bake me some low fat zero sugar hash brownies please.




  1. there there

  2. aw…relax…and good with with all the prep and hope you find your perfect dress soon!

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