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been lazy, right?
quick updates in bullet points. okay?
1. Spain won the 2010 World Cup. It felt really great because I’ve been rooting for them since the 2006 WC and also Euro. Now they’re not only Euro Champion, but also The World’s.
2. I’m gonna have my prewedding pictures taken tomorrow by a friend. We will bring Olive along but I hope she would cooperate. The dog hates camera. :( I think I’ve figured what to wear but still uncertain of it.
3. Two staff resigned this month. Uber busy.
4. I still take Olive to the office every day, but the traffic has been crazy these past two weeks. It took us almost two hours instead of our usual 45 minutes drive.
5. We finally have an oven in our house. I made banana cheese muffin and a healthy macaroni schotel last week. They were okay. The next thing I’m planning to make is oatmeal cookies, but I haven’t found any recipes without fancy ingredients such as maple syrup or corn syrup :(
6. I still have 4000 things on my wedding to do list. No progress whatsoever.
7. We got a honeymoon trip gift from my parents but I haven’t told the Guy and I’m not sure whether his boss could give him a couple more days off.
8. Oh, the things for marriage certificate. Obviously not done.
9. I forgot to put on and bring my eyeliner the other day, I swear I almost trade my bra with any kind of eyeliner.

I thought I had more interesting things to put on the list but I can’t seem to remember them. Write ya later!



  1. Hi Stella,

    Congrats!!! You are the 3rd winner for the Seah’s Spices giveaway. please refer to my blog post for more details :) Thanks.

  2. hey babes! so here’s my first comment on your new ‘home’ ;)
    don’t get too stressed out with the W yah *hugs*

    btw i’ve got some oatmeal cookies recipes found on the net and i’ve tried some of them. imo, you can swap the maple syrup with honey (healthier too!). good luck xx

    • Hewwooo, D :)
      thanks for the recipe. But I kinda have allergic reaction if I eat honey, severe migraine and rash :( I’ve found another easy oatmeal cookies the other day. Can’t wait to make it soon. :)

  3. Eyeliner is a must! Setiap gue gak pake eyeliner dikira lg sakit -__-

    • iyaaaa how was the world before eyeliner ya?

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