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Cause while you’re baking, your problems and the rest of the world seem to go away. The only thing that matters is that whether the thing in the oven would taste as good as it smells.

Banana and Cheese Muffin

above is the first thing I’ve baked when the oven arrived at our house. Since I haven’t baked anything since senior high school (Gosh, it was like last century!) I decided to try something simple. Something fail-proof, and banana came to my mind. You can never do wrong with bananas!
well, according to my parents the muffins were tasty, but I think I should’ve baked them for several more minutes so they wouldn’t be so pale.

I got the recipe from my plurker friend @discoqueen :)

Healthy Macaroni Schotel

the next thing I baked was this macaroni schotel. I got the recipe from dennysantoso’s web, but since I didn’t have most ingredients, I just cooked the macaroni with champignon mushrooms and paprika. It turned out okay, but a little bit over-baked on top I guess.

Chocolate Chips Bread Pudding

It was a rough monday and I decided that omitting carbohydrate on Monday is a sin towards self. So I made this. I got the recipe from Mochachocolata-Rita, but I used more bread slices. I’m really amazed with Rita, how does she manages two blogs? The blogs consist of yummy homemade food, things she wears, gorgeous pictures and a thousand of other interesting stuff! and you know what? she updates them everyday! *bow*

Chocolate Chips Cookies

I just made them last Tuesday for my dearest friend Amel, who is now holidaying in Melbourne. Initially these were for her plane snack because I experienced Jakarta – Sydney flight couple of months ago and I got really really hungry at the middle of the night and had nothing to eat. But I guess I should have baked more because she finished the cookies at one sitting, one night before her departure. She said that it was a little bit ‘milky’, but I didn’t use any milk at all, probably from the chocolate chips, will use the dark ones next time.

Oatmeal cookies next. I’m pretty obsessed by now. Too bad I haven’t got enough spare time after work. Weekends had been crazy too. I’m crossing my fingers.

Enjoy weekend, darlings!




  1. WOOOWW! *worship*
    i can never… ever bake cookies and cakes :( they always went wrong on my hands…

    Try mushroom, portabello is a good option, cut the stem, put upside down in a heat proof container previously covered with a thin layer of margarine/olive oil, fill the center with cheddar, a teeny bit of edam *optional), mozzarella, a dash of pepper and oregano, bake in the oven for a teeny bit until the mushroom is cooked and the cheese melt.

    Result = hhheeeaaavvveeennnn…. *slrps*

    • @M: I’m drooling already! Mushroom is the thing I can eat everyday without getting sick of it. I’ll see if I can find any portabello in the supermarket. Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. hahaha looks like you’re on a roll kitchen-wise! well done :)

    i’ve just made some brownies for breaking fast and incidentally, had homemade spinach macaroni schotel yesterday. the mozz was from Italian friend of mine… made the whole thing taste better!

    ps. not wanting to be pedantic but i wonder if you realise your watermark says ‘htpp’ instead of ‘http’? :D

    • D! Thanks for pointing that out, I never realized that hahaha. I used Picasa that gives all the pictures the same watermark in the same position, never really checked it. Do you have any suggestion on putting watermarks? I’d like to make it less visible, but don’t wanna bother editing all the time. Lazy bum :p

      • I use FastStone Photo Resizer. It’s great coz it’s free (haha) and you can put watermark/text on your photos by the batch instead of one by one. The resizer is helpful for me too as I always resize my photos to low res before uploading them. Hope this helps :)

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