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Okay, I did not manage to lose any weight before the 4th of August :( But The Guy and I still had out prewedding pictures taken anyway. He refused to have our picture taken with my camera phone, but I still managed to snap a decent one of me, at least the only one that isn’t blur. :D

Look! I got to wear a headband! I’ve seen Blair Waldorf wears them all the time and at some points I really told myself that it’s illegal for 20++ y.o girl to wear a headband. Those things are only pretty on the shelves and on tv. So when the hairdresser put a headband on me, I was ecstatic.

Here are the things I plan to finish by the end of next week:
2. Order the wedding souvenirs.
3. Buy our wedding rings.
4. Pick 20 photos out of the zillion pictures for our wedding album.
5. Finish the Chinese part of the wedding invitation.
6. Choose the venue decoration.
7. Choose the MC and wedding band.
8. Compile wedding songs.
9. Buy paint to paint our house. (Yeap, The Guy had paid the rent. 2 years of rent that cost him about 50% of his lifetime saving. He still can’t get over that fact. I’m being extra nice to him these couple of days :p )

Too ambitious? Time’s running out. Exactly 3 months from now, I’d be somebody’s wife.

Oh wait, one more thing on the list
10. Letters and documents for wedding certificate, how did I miss that?




  1. sementara gw selalu berpikir, headband itu bikin bride tambah cantik :) seriusan.
    waktu menikah, gw pake bunga kecil2 di sekeliling kepala, dan itu udah impian sejak kecil.
    why dont you find out apa impian waktu kecil kalo jadi bride nanti :)

  2. haha. iya sha. that’s why i said headband is legal for brides :D

    humm.. waktu kecil gue kok ga pernah berkhayal jd pengantin ya hahhaa. what i used to have in mind was living in a penthouse with big jacuzzi, walk-in closet and dapur yg bersinar dan lengkap kap kap. nvr had any man in that vision before. lol. :p

  3. whoaaa.. gorgeous! i don’t think i’ve ever seen you with your hair tied up ;) liking this look.

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