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I’ve been hearing the phrase, ” God creates man with one mouth and two ears, so we would listen more than we talk.”

Maybe that’s why Internet is such a dumpster. With 10 fingers which obviously more than 2 eyes that see and 2 ears that listen, we are constantly putting trash on the Internet. Like what I’m doing right now. LOL.

Anyway, I’m kinda convinced that aliens had planted Martha Stewart personality chip in me. Obviously not the criminal part. The thing is, in my mind I’m constantly having the image of me, cooking, cleaning, sewing, you know those kinda thing. The kind that I have never imagined doing. Well, the alien obviously had forgotten the skill part, cause the other day I tried to slice and skin some apples and failed miserably. I couldn’t get rid of the friggin skin nicely, most of the flesh went off during the process. *eyeroll*

Is it true that you can see the mars today? I’m gonna check it out.



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