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I made Molten Chocolate Pudding earlier tonight using this recipe. For me it’s more a cake than a pudding. I totally recommend recipe because it’s super duper yummy, even though I didn’t use Valrhona. Lol. The ingredients are easy and the whole preparing and baking process only took me about half an hour.

Molten Chocolate Pudding in a Chinese Teacup

well, clearly I didn’t have enough rameskins, so I used coffee cups and chinese teacups. Basically whatI could find near me.

gooey chocolatey sinful goodness

Look at the oozy overflowing chocolate center. Totally nailed the recipe I guess. (smug)
Anyway I was making these for two of my friends who didn’t manage to come and get them. :( I have severe migraine and eating too many chocolates usually makes it worse. I ate this around 7 p.m., took a nap, had a shower and know at 1 a.m. my head is still killing me. I still have 4 of this things in my oven. Who will finish them? :(

Meanwhile, what shoud I take for this migraine? Is aspirin okay?




  1. accidentally stop by on this post and those look friggin’ yummyyyy…!!
    i also read almost entirely of your nice blog, can’t stop. really :)

    • awww, I’m really flattered. You’ve made my day. Thank you so much. :)

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