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a couple of my friends and I love to play “sharing dan pamer beda tipis” (to share and to show off is not that different) game. This game was inspired by our Facebook contacts that love to post sharing/showing off statuses, such as “Hubby just got me that new Chanel bag even though I told him not to.” “I just got a new blackberry yesterday but today my awesome boyfriend decided to surprise me with the brand new iPhone 4 with my name engraved on it.”

well you got the general idea.

and why we love doing this? It’s friggin F U N. It gives your brain some exercise too, and at some points, it annoys the hell out of the forementioned Facebook contacts. (you know this when they start sending you messages, and trust me they do.)

some tips of how to do this
1. make it sounds like a complaint. so no matter how awesome the thing you got in your hands, make it sounds annoying.
e.g.: “I thought the food in (insert posh restaurant or 5 stars hotel) would be great, but it’s nothing compared to the food I had in (insert European countries or somewhere far from your hometown) last weekend.”

2. nothing is ever too good. how? insert a ‘but’
e.g.: “Having private planes is great, but too bad you can’t fit all of your friends inside one plane.”

3. geeky stuff is a no-no, latest, hippest gadget is a yes yes.
e.g.: “I don’t know why people bother to buy casings for their blackberries. I have tons of berries custom made to suit the color of my clothes.”

4. wonder.
e.g.: “I wonder what’s so delicious about wagyu beef. It’s the only kind of meat my dog would eat.”

well, I’m sucks in writing tips and I’m not that good yet in this sharing/showing off thingy because I’ve been showing off my whole life. :))



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