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currently enjoying doing house chores. never knew that scrubbing my bathroom could give me such a great sense of self accomplishment. anyway, as long as no roaches involved, I’m willing to do anything. So far I’ve done the laundry, washed the dishes, swept and mopped the floor, scrubbed the bathroom and made some non choco chip choco chip cookies for my dog, Olive cause she can’t eat chocolate. Mum is the one who’s doing the cooking. Below you can see the most famous soup in the Ang household, chicken soup with mushroom and potato cubes. My sister and I love this soup very much and it always bring back the memories. Probably most of you already knew that my parents are workaholic, it was the same when we were only kids. So there was this time when we were having Lebaran break, and my mum had to go for a 4 day business trip outta town. Before she left, she cooked this for us, and every day, Dad added some water and soy sauce in the slow cooker. This was the only thing we ate when she was away. This soup was also the one I craved the most when I was studying abroad.

Well, I wish everyone Happy Eid Mubarak!

chicken soup with mushroom


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  1. hehe.. I feel the same whenever I got house chores done. A feeling of accomplishment, independence,.. and.. physical fitness!! :D

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