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we were quite excited to go to our place this morning. i cleaned up a bit (well a bit actually means 4hours and ugly ugly hands because of porstex) on Friday, and today The Guy and I were supposed to throw away the unwanted things and we were gonna try this friggin expensive liquid cleaning agent that as the label says, clean all unwanted dirt, rust, bla bla bla.

well, the cleaning agent works alright. it should, because it was friggin expensive and The Guy spent about 1,5 hour in the bathroom. the not so alright thing was that, the house got leaks in few spots! it was so heartbreaking. the workers just finished painting about a week ago, and now the ceiling is filled with wet spots and in some parts, the paint just cracked and…. I can’t describe it in words, I almost cried. The Guys were supposed to move in there this upcoming week but now we don’t see it happening. :( We can’t reach the worker because he’s out of town and he left his cell at home, and his family doesn’t know when he’ll be back. :(

we already spent some extra fund to have the ceiling fixed and instead of worry free house. we now got new leaks :( do you think we should find another construction worker or wait for the previous one? if we weren’t low on budget, I’d find another construction worker right away, but if we have to wait and if it keeps on raining everyday, I’m afraid the leaks will get worse.

and all the stress has caused me to EAT! I just ate 8 slices of pizza by myself. that’s pretty much the whole pan. and it’s the second time i do that this week. and the bridal people keep telling me not to gain anymore weight. :(



The Guy finished cleaning this and he hung it beside the front door. I insisted that we should try putting our keys there. :)


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