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Really, one thing you will learn during your wedding preparation is the longest friends you know are practically strangers now. Yes, all the things they say about true friends stay true friends even though you are apart bla bla bla is all bullshit. Friendship needs to be nourished and at times we are too lazy to do it. However, the amount of time we spend on the Internet gives us the opportunity to make new friends. Social networking gives us the so called social life we are lacking off. Well, we have those people who keep telling us to turn of the computer and go get a life yada yada yada, but I don’t really give a damn about that. I am comfortable with my ‘real life’ portion versus my ‘virtual social life’ portion.

Well, as I read again, the paragraph I wrote didn’t make any sense actually. I’m just yapping, trying to look busy because I’m sitting alone in this coffee shop waiting for the rain to stop.

Oh, the rain. You know what, we got stains in every 2 meter of our ceiling, some part of the house is leaking so bad too. And the person who is supposed to be responsible for this is fucking MIA.


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  1. (hugs) everything’s gonna be alrite beib :) don’t you worry, we’ll do our best to support you

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