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My friend, Marisa told me that my problems nowadays are really domestic. Hahaha. We have passed the madness of the preparations. The only thing we are busy doing nowadays is handing out the wedding invitation (and not gaining anymore weight, an extra task pour moi).

The guy’s stepmom has been living in our place these couple of days. She’s been driving everyone nuts. I used to stop by at our place after work, but since she stayed there.. well. The thing is she keeps telling me what to do and not to do and also she had arranged the furniture and the household items the way she likes it. To prevent any conflict, I’d rather stay away. Oh, I also overheard that she had invited some of her relatives to stay in our tiny place. Thank god she lives in Tebing Tinggi. Just gotta be patient.

Oh we had our sangjit/seserahan last Saturday. The funny thing is that both of us don’t know how did it go because I had to stay in my room and the guy had to wait outside until the process was done. Overall I think it went well. We also bought our spring bed (Spring Air Ortho 160×200), to be delivered tomorrow. The next thing in the Agenda is what Hokkianese calls “Pai Ke Ceng”, it’s basically decorating the bride and groom’s room, like filling up the wardrobe with clothes, putting make up set, stuff like “Shuang Xi” stickers and Angpao, etc. It’s gonna be at the 30th, after that I’m gonna have my final fitting and at 31th the guy and I are gonna have our pre marital course. Less than two weeks to go, and you readers, you have been very supportive all the way. I love you.




  1. Can’t wait to see you!


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