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Gosh, “Mrs.” sounds so old. Anyway, I wanna tell you something important.

If you’re hosting a wedding with more than 200 guests, please get yourself a wedding organizers. Well probably your family members will stuff you with the ideas that everything’s gonna be okay because they are there to help. Trust me, on the wedding day itself, with no one to remind them their positions, most of them will be M.I.A. Unless you have wedding gowns with pockets so you can keep your cellphone and blackberry within reach, please do me a favor. Hire a wedding organizer. I AM SERIOUS.

Despite the hectic situations, completely out of schedule day, friggin wrong song list ( Hey this is important because I came up with a brilliant playlist, and the singer decided to sing the latest indonesian songs, which I hate. And some unknown guests, went up stage singing songs I wouldn’t choose for any events, let alone wedding), unexpectedly crowded guest who came at the same time whom I swore were so close to ruining the stage, all other stuff and oh, I was a fat bride too. Wellllll… The Guy and I are just happy that we’re done with all those stuff.

I am now Mrs. Winata and I will be writing reviews about the vendors in the next post. I’m doing this because when I was preparing for my wedding, I couldn’t find any useful information about some vendors, and through the process, I believed that I have chosen the wrong one and it was too late to step back.

So, write ya later!


ps: I have the most awesome other family!

love love love



  1. :(
    so sad.. I didn’t know anything about this plurk photo and the washing machine, so I didn’t pitch in..
    I’m sorry @ste.. I really didn’t have any idea..
    I might’ve skipped some threads..cos I tend to do that when I first see a thread and it has like 30 comments already..

    • AAAA…
      stop apologizing dear. Seeing you there was more than enough for me. :-* Thanks so much!!! *KISSES*

  2. Despite all the hassles and craziness happening before and during the wedding, I’d like to say CONGRATULATIONS! Best wishes for both of you :) *hugs and kisses*

    I’d love to see some pics but I don’t see any on Flickr :p

    • Thanks, D. I haven’t got the picture from the vendors. But I’ll post some links where you can see pictures that were taken by my friends. :D

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