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the first vendor I’m gonna review is the bridal. Despite of its experience in the wedding industry for probably decades, Eva Bun was the vendor that gave me the most headache through my wedding preparation. So unless you enjoy constant pain in your head, I wouldn’t recommend this vendor.

These are the whys:

The service sucks big time. They were not honest and opened about the stuff we should or should not be getting.

Exhibit 1: In the package we purchased, we got “Video Liputan” or documentation of the wedding day which will be hand to us in DVDs. So we thought okay, that seems fair. But later we found out that although the output of the document is in DVD, they are still using VHS video camera. For you who is too young to understand what VHS is, it’s a brick size video cassette that they used in my parents wedding era. Which is like 25 years ago. So be sure to ask for a DIGITAL video recording camera if you don’t want your wedding video to looked like it just came out of a time capsule from years ago.

Exhibit 2: Ask for the make up artist who will be handling you on that day. They did not disclose this info when they presented the package to us. We found out about it later. Because of Exhibit 3 (below) they let us ‘upgrade’ the M.U.A. Ask for Mrs. Paula, she is the owner of the bridal. She might not be the best one in the industry but at least you won’t looked ‘dangdut’ or corny.

Exhibit 3: Usually the marketing who closed the deal with you will be the one in charge of handling you. But you know what, after we signed the deal. They didn’t even contact us. About 8 months later when we were in a wedding exhibition looking for another bridal, a staff recognized the Guy and he was asking how’s our prep bla bla bla, and the Guy went ballistic there, pointing out that no one from the bridal ever contacted us at all. Eventually the head of the marketing apologized to us and gave us an upgrade on our M.U.A. She told us that shw will be in charge of us, but you know what? Every time I phoned her she’d say. “Langsung aja ke pusat.” or “Just call the HQ”. What the fark? So one day in the HQ, the Guy went ballistic again, and we got ourselves another person in charge.

Exhibit 4: Our contract stated that we got a NEW gown. In any normal mind we would think that NEW = Never been worn. In my mind I was thinking that, I chose a design then they were going to make a new one for me. Turned out that they meant NEW DESIGN, and they said they never had a brand new gown. Well, it wouldn’t be so bad if the design was really new. Trust me they are not. You can see tiny spots or freckles, you know, like signs that they had been kept for quite a long time in an inappropriate storage manner. They also assured me that they’d dry clean the dress and all the spots will be gone. But even on the morning of my wedding day, I still found the wedding gown with tiny dirty but visible to my eyes spots and it was crumpled! No sign of ironing or steaming was visible. I forced them to steam it when I was wearing it.

There’s not much too choose. Most of the things requires ‘up-grade’

The statement is pretty literal and obvious.
Exhibit 1: Flower bouquet included in the package. Totally sucky. You only get to choose one between friggin two designs (design picture was taken in the 1999!). I used this as the bouquet flower tossing. Got myself another rose bouquet from other vendor.

Exhibit 2: The video that I mentioned above.

Their photo album design was tasteless and horrendous. The pictures taken was so so.

Exhibit 1: Most of the brides common problem is that they want to pick so many pictures from their prewedding shoots and they end up paying a lot for the extra pictures. (It costs around 75k in Eva Bun, much more in other bridals). But in our case, we had difficulty in choosing 10 out of hundreds from our indoor photo shoot. The outdoor shoot was slightly better because they took more pictures.

Exhibit 2: I guess the problem with this bridal is their taste. The prewedding pictures you’ve been seeing (the ones I uploaded in plurk or facebook) are all edited and retouched by me. They did 4 times revision of our album even though I have given them the specific dos and donts for our album. I’ve asked them for a minimalist album with black and white them with no writings, quotes whatsoever, and they gave me a very dangdut and corny full of bright colors and meaningless quotes. That time I was the one who went ballistic. They did 3 revisions but still tasteless, so I layouted the album by myself, showed it to them and they copied my design. For you who came to the wedding, if you saw the big canvas, it was also edited by me and they even dare to put their sign there. Tsk.

Of course there are more and more other unpleasant stuff, but I felt that the ones I listed above were the crucial ones. I hope this review will help if you are looking for info regarding this bridal.


PS: I haven’t got my wedding day photo and documentation yet, they said that it will took AT LEAST two months. Zzzz.

PPS: If your family members need make up too, I suggest that you better find a salon or separate M.U.A. to handle them. Too much chaos if you get them done in the bridal. Totally not worth it. My maid of honor had hers there, and she felt that the make up was messy, when she asked about it the lady said, “who cares, it will wear off soon.” =.=




    *hugging ste*

    • I’m just glad it’s over. At least with the bridal. :D (cozy)

  2. Oh this is bad :( Good for you to write this.

    I hope they read this or maybe you can post the link at some wedding forums so people would know. The so-called service they should’ve provided you with had nothing to do with ‘customer service’. Shame on them!

    • heading wedding forum soon! :D

  3. Hi….can’t help noticing your review on eva bun. Actually, I got in from Good review. I’m also in the middle of looking for a bridal and got a little bit confused looking for the right one.

    When you were approach at the exhibition, you haven’t been contacted in 8 months. Why do you still go back to them? Pardon me for asking this. Because you are actually in the middle of looking another bridal.

    About the make up : is there no way for the client to talk to the M.U.A about the way we want to look like ?

    Thanks again…

    • Hi, Rosa. Thanks for reading my review. We did look for another bridal but to be honest, we had problems in our budget. Eva Bun was the only bridal that suited our needs. Second consideration was we already paid the down payment. At the very last exhibition we went to, our main goal was to look for another bridal, but we bumped to someone we know that works at EB group, and after hearing our complaints he dragged us to Eva Bun booth. Since the head of marketing promised to give us upgrade on the dress and make up as the compensation (according to them, worth about 4-5 mio IDR) , we then decided to stick with them.

      Regarding the make up, I had a make up test for my pre wedding shots. They only asked whether I wanted it to be softer or more. During my photo shoot, I had more interaction with the M.U.A because I was the only bride. I was satisfied with it. However, during the wedding day, there were more than ten brides. I didn’t get to interact with the M.U.A and I wasn’t facing the mirror, so I didn’t get to see how it was done. The make up wasn’t that bad, maybe the most suitable word is ‘generic’. It’s basically the same make up template with the other brides.

      I hope I answered your questions. Feel free to drop me lines if you have more Qs. Thanks.


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