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I'm hurt.. NOT

This happened a few days ago actually. I kinda have a hunch who this person might be. Cause I got this message after the incident. Long story short, I pointed out someone’s certain habit to her face and a moment after that, this message was sent to me. But since I did it in a public forum, this could be sent by her friends. Did I feel guilty by pointing out her habit and possibly making her unhappy? I guess not, because she needed to be told that her habit had been annoying a lot of people, but they are too nice to say it right to her face. I know this because my own sister is one of her ‘victims’. Well, I’m not friends with my primary suspect, so no I don’t feel any guilt after saying those words to her. I just hope she realized that it’s time to be more considerate.

Well, this is the first time I got somebody creating a fake account just to diss me, I feel like a e-celebrity. LOL.

Enjoy your weekend, people!




  1. And maybe there should be some1 who bad enough to tell ms. perfect (oops I guess it mrs. perfect) that she is rude and jutexxxx???

    OOO no need, she just too perfect to listen to critic…

  2. aaaahhh tell me who this kid is (taser)

  3. ai wunder hu yah?

  4. Tsk. Bashing using English? Check your grammar, please? *hey it rhymes!*

    No, Ste, I didn’t mean you (girlkiss)

  5. @autis: I’ve asked around because I didn’t understand your English. But I think I got the idea.

    @lil: sudahlah jangan pundung lagi, nini. :p

    @titsy: I’ll tell ya soon. (k)

    @nita: Ohhhh, now I know why I didn’t understand the comment. Thanks for pointing it out, darling. (k)

  6. me wants to know too, not just tits..uhm.. titsy (nottalking)

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