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it was great and very refreshing!

my husband was away for a business trip about seven days and I got time to catch up with my friends. It’s nice to have your social life back you know, even though I’m not really a social person. Seeing your agenda filled with activities gives you something to look forward to. Basically this was how I spent my week off. Warning: Might be extremely boring for you.

Thu: Dinner with Vie.

Fri: My friend’s mum passed away. So some of us went to pay respect to her. We weren’t planning to stay for long, but we ended up staying until the place was closed. We just talked and didn’t realized that it was midnight already.

Sat: Spend the day cleaning up the house and doing laundry. Yuven picked me up around 5 and we went to her house to meet Tere and Lixuan. We were really stuffed at Kiyadon and after dinner I joined them for Harry Potter. It felt like college day all over again. :D

Sun: Woke up very very late. Almost 12 I guess. Decided to start ironing while watching reruns. Headed to Plaza Senayan around 2 to meet @TriP and @gotti. And for you unmarried guys out there, DO NOT WATCH BABIES! I repeat DO NOT WATCH BABIES! Gawd, that movie should have come with a warning. It was a heat warming documentary but it had changed our (well at least @gotti’s and mine) perception toward boobies. *bang head to the table*. I guess we are not ready for this. But like I said, it was a heart warming documentary with cute babies. :D The funny thing is that we didn’t have any plan after the movie but we ended up in an intense (ehem) conversation and suddenly the mall was closed and I had to pay 16k for parking :D Well, you know what they say, great food (Bakerzin!) and great company (those two), time flies!

Mon: Work andddd the long awaited Kerioplurk. You know I left my Grogol office to pick @donowhy and @lil up on the way to Sarinah at 5:30 pm and guess what we reached Sarinah at 9:30 pm. Super duper unbelievable traffic jam every friggin where! But we had lotsa fun! Thanks to @mach5, @donowhy, @jonathanend, @gotti, @doets, @sunkist, @TriP, @munyamungilina, @karaocat (our kerioqueen) and @lil. It was the highlight of my week. :D Got home unbelievably late that night, just fell asleep right away.

Tue: Woke up very late again. If @sunkist didn’t ping me I’d still be sleeping until Wednesday. He stopped by the house and later that day my friend Nikko, who did our wedding video also stopped by to give me the DVD. He gave us a very cool photo frame. (I’ll show you later) and we watched the video together. I was happy with the video and the pictures. I hope The Guy will too. :D

Wed: A friend is having her birthday today and probably we’re gonna throw her a party in my place after work. We’re still discussing about it. LOL.

The Guy will be back tomorrow. Although I’ll be missing Masterchef US and the final episode of The Amazing Race Asia because I need to pick him up, I just can’t wait to see him.



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  1. last night feels like college all over again. we only need lv cha pan thang ang chai ke’s to complete the memory XD

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